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Microchipping at Our Alexandria Vet Clinic

If the idea of microchipping your pet always seemed somewhat excessive, think about what might happen if you and your pet were separated and there was no other way of identifying him as yours. If you can't stand the thought of your pet's picture among the countless "lost pet" notices you see posted around town, you'll want to consider scheduling this safe, easy, non-surgical procedure at our Alexandria VA vet clinic, Fort Hunt Animal Hospital.

Microchipping at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA.

Microchipping involves the insertion of a tiny RFID (radio frequency ID) microchip under your pet's skin. If your pet goes missing and turns up at a shelter or vet clinic, animal workers equipped with RFID scanners can scan your pet's body and receive a transmission from the chip. The transmission is a unique ID number connected with your contact information, which is listed in a national pet registry. The finder of your pet can use this information to let you know that your pet has been found.

Why Have Your Pet Microchipped by Your Alexandria Veterinarian?

There are several compelling reasons to have your pet microchipped by your Alexandria veterinarian. For one thing, depending on a collar ID tag is risky business. Your pet's collar tag, or even the whole collar, can easily come off while your pet roughhousing with another animal, exploring dense foliage or crawling through a tight space. If that happens, you need to know he has another identification method in place. Pets can also be stolen -- but if someone else claims your pet as his own, that microchip can prove him wrong. Last but not least, if you're injured (or worse) while you're out with your pet and you're not carrying your own ID, your pet's microchip can lead others to your contact information, thus helping your pet get returned to your family.

A Safe and Simple Procedure

Contrary to what you might assume, installing a microchip in your pet is an extremely simple, totally harmless procedure. No surgery whatsoever is required; the microchip is so tiny that it can actually travel through a hypodermic needle, allowing us to inject it just as easily as we might inject a vaccine or medication. Nor will you have to worry about the microchip itself once it's installed. It is usually injected into an area between the shoulder blades, where it's most likely to stay put. The microchip contains no internal power source, transmitting its data purely in reaction to the energy supplied by the RFID scanning device. This feature ensures you never have to worry about the microchip running out of power or losing its ability to transmit.

Schedule Microchipping for Your Alexandria Pet

As a devoted pet owner, you'll rest much easier knowing that you've covered all possible bases in the event that your best friend is lost or stolen. Call Fort Hunt Animal Hospital today at 703-360-6100 to schedule microchipping for your Alexandria pet!

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I have been using Ft. Hunt Animal Hospital for about 30 years and have always found the doctors and staff to be very caring. I appreciate the time spent explaining specific findings and answering questions. I never feel rushed.

Alexandria, VA

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