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Microchipping FAQs answered by your Alexandria Veterinarian

When you visit Fort Hunt Animal Hospital, you will receive individualized care at each visit. We know the importance of providing the highest level of care for your pet and to be there to answer each of your questions. We encourage you to ask your Alexandria veterinarian all of the questions you have about microchipping and any other service we offer. Below are some of the most common questions we receive.


What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the process of placing a very small device under the outer layer of skin on your pet. This device, which is as small as a grain of rice, causes no harm to the pet. However, when our vet or another vet scans over the pet's body to locate the presence of the chip, it can then transmit data that lets us know who the pet's owners are. Microchipping is a safe process that can help to protect your pet's health and ensure you are always found if the pet is lost.

Will Microchipping Hurt Your Pet?

The implantation process does not hurt anymore so than a standard vaccination. There is no need for anesthesia in this procedure. It is done in our veterinary office and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Will the Device Locate a Lost Pet?

It's important to know that microchipping does not track your pet. It does not have any type of GPS access. Rather, it uses a radio frequency identification system. That is, when a device scans over your pet, it can then access the information stored on the implant. Because these chips operate on RFID, they do not require a power source to transmit the microchip's ID number. This means there will never be anything to replace and the device lasts the pet's lifetime.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Pet Microchipped?

Microchipping can be a very affordable process in our veterinary office. When you visit us, we can provide more information about the cost. Generally, you can expect to pay $50 or so for the process. There is only a one-time fee for this service. There may also be a registration fee.

What Type of Information Is Stored on a Microchip?

The microchip itself only stores a number. That number is one that correlates with a record within our database. Area veterinarians and some police departments and animal shelters have access to this information. With the number, we can access the owner's contact details. It's important to keep this information up to date to ensure we can constantly access the information when necessary.

Contact Your Alexandria Veterinarian for a Microchipping Appointment

Come in to learn more about how your veterinarian can help you. When you visit our Alexandria office for microchipping, we'll provide you with any additional answers you need before you move forward with this process. For many pet parents, it offers peace of mind. Call Fort Hunt Animal Hospital at 703-360-6100.

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I have been using Ft. Hunt Animal Hospital for about 30 years and have always found the doctors and staff to be very caring. I appreciate the time spent explaining specific findings and answering questions. I never feel rushed.

Alexandria, VA

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